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Gorkovskoe, Russia- Tatyana's class

 Parents – my mother is from Kazakhstan, Suvorovo;Illustration of Stamp with flag from Kazakstan-Vector my father is from Russia, Omsk;
 now he is in Germany, Hanover.

Grandparents - Kazakhstan, Suvorovo; Ukraine, Kiev;

Russia, Kalachinsk, Chelyabinsk;


Great grandparents - Ukraine, Kiev;

Kazakhstan, Suvorovo;


 Russia, Perm.

3) Father: He and his parents wanted to come back to their history motherland Germany

Mother: We came to Gor’kovskoe because my grandparents live here and we want to be closer to them.

I want to tell you about my grandparents, mother’s parents.

 My grandmother’s name is Valentine Epina. She was born in 1943. In her family there were seven children, five of them died, because of illness-scarlet fever. In family stayed two children- my grandma and her elder brother Nicolai. Great grandfather died when grandma was three years old, so my great grandmother Anna brought up children herself. The war time was hard. She worked hard, but they starved.

 When grandma was 16, she went to Tara to study in a technical college, but she did not graduate it. She worked at our local hospital, now she is a pensioner.

 My grandmother has two children - son Vladimir and daughter Olga - my mother.

 My grandfather’s name is Ilya Epin. He was born in 1935 in Perm. He was 6 when the World War 2 began. He lost his mother and his father married again. Grandmother and grandfather brought him up.

 When grandpa was 18, he went for an army.

When he came back, he married for the first time. From this marriage my grandpa has a son Evgeni. Now we know nothing about him.

 My grandpa has been living for 10 years in town called Bereznyaki and worked on factory. Then he studied a welder and went to Gor’kovskoe. Here he married my grandma and this year there will be 25 years of their marriage. I love them so much and want them to live together for a long time.

My granny Valentine Epina

By Yana Chernyshova, Gor’kovskoe secondary school №1




Name: Komkova Alyona

Country: Russia

Parents-father Sergey Komkov -Russia, Omsk region, Gor’kovskoe; mother Larisa Komkova - Russia, Omsk region, Odessky district, village Lukyanovka.

Grandparents- Pisarenko Dmitri- Russia, Omsk region, Tavrichesky district, village Pirogovka;

Pisarenko Mary- Russia, Omsk region, Tavrichesky district, village Pirogovka. (My mother’s parents)

Komkov Vasily- Russia, Omsk region, Gor’kovskoe, village. Yakovlevka;

Komkova Kate – Russia, Novosibirsk region, Nizhnyaya Omka, village Kuzminka

Great Grandparents- Sambur Christie- Ukraine, Chernihiv region.

My dad was born and lived in Gor’kovskoe. When mom and dad got married, my father took my mother to his hometown Gor’kovskoe.

I would like to tell you about my grandfather, Dmitri Pisarenko. He took part in the World War II. He had a difficult childhood, he was an orphan. My grandfather fought in the battle for Leningrad. In March 1944 thanks to the heroic efforts of the Soviet soldiers, the enemy was driven out of town. In the battle near Pskov my grandfather was wounded and was taken to hospital. Only in November 1945, my grandfather returned to his native village, Pirogovka. My grandfather has a lot of medals, including "For bravery".

Jordan, Khuzama's Class

 aya nizar                          Country: Jordan

All family came from Palestine
 and they moved to Jordan to escape the war.Alliance for Community Peace

A funny family story:

It’s a funny story about my  grand grand parents , once she wanted to take a shower ,but no water ,suddenly it was raining ,so she took her clothes off , and took a shower in the rain J

Sameer Adli

From father side, all came from yafa in Palestine.

From my mother side: all came from pitesht in Romania.

My parents were studying engineering in Romania and after college they got married , and they're living in Jordan now.

Koltsovo, Russia Vera's class

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